Monday, March 07, 2005

Viewing Guide for March 7-13

It's Championship Week in college basketball, which is one of the best weeks in the entire year. Every team in college basketball has a chance to go dancing, if they win their conference tournament. ESPN is airing 99 games during the course of the week, and here are a few that you should check out.


College Basketball

St. Mary's vs. Gonzaga 11:59 ESPN
So what if the game is on at 11:59? These two teams played twice this year, with each team winning one time. This time they meet in the WCC championship game, where the automatic bid will be decided. Both of these teams will be dancing, regardless because they have had great seasons. This game is for bragging rights, and important to the seeding of these teams. I cannot wait to stay up tonight til 2:30 AM to watch this one!!


Philadelphia at Miami 7:30PM
C Webb is now in Philly to play second fiddle to AI. It won't matter in this game, as Shaq and D Wade will lead the Heat to victory.


New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox 7pm
This is the first game between these two teams, since the memorable game 7 comeback win last October. Even though these two teams hate each other, it will not show in this game, as all the minor leaguers will play the majority of the game.


College Basketball

Detroit at Wisconsin-Milwaukee 9:00PM ESPN
The thing I love about championship week is that you finally get a chance to see all the mid-majors play, and see how good they actually are. I've been hearing about RPI numbers, W-L records, and SOS of these teams for months. Enough of that; I want to see these teams play. UWM has had a great year at 23-5, and will try to get the automatic bid from the Horizon league.


Memphis at Sacramento 10:30PM

With C Webb in Philly, this might be the first time that Memphis can claim that they are a better team than Sactown. Let's see if they can prove it.


College Basketball

Providence vs. West Virginia 2pm ESPN
Losing their last game of the regular season against Seton Hall really hurt UWV chances of making the tourney. They need at least 2 wins in the Big East tourney to get in.

Tulane vs. DePaul 3:30 ESPN2
The Blue Demons lost 4 out of their last 6 and therefore are firmly on the bubble.

Seton Hall vs. Georgetown 7pm ESPN
After losing their last 5 games of the regular season, the Hoyas need a huge run in the Big East tourney to get into the dance.

Rutgers at Notre Dame 9pm ESPN
The Fighting Irish need at least 1 win in the tourney to feel safe about going to the big dance.


Atlanta at Boston 7pm FSN
Antoine plays against his former team that traded him to the Celtics 2 weeks ago. Look for Walker and the Celts to have a big night.


College Basketball

Pitt vs. Villanova 2pm ESPN
This is why the Big East is so fun to watch. You get to watch great matchups, such as this one on a Thursday afternoon on Championship Week. I love it!!

Arizona State vs. Washington 9:15 FSN
Don't count out Ike Diogu and AZU making a run in the Pac 10 tourney to get into the dance. Ike is just plain sick, and he will be playing in the NBA for 15 years to come.


Minnesota at Miami 7pm TNT
Will KG have to guard Shaq in this game? If so, I think Shaq can handle KG inside without a problem. Nevertheless, it will be an interesting matchup to watch.


College Basketball

Do I really need to tell you what games to watch today? If you don't already know, I guess you'll never know. Put on ESPN the whole day for ACC, Big East, and Big Ten conference tournaments. Also on FSN, there will be the Pac 10 tournament games.


Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics 7:30 FSN
This a huge game for the Celts against arguably the best team in the East. It will be interesting to see how the Celts new additions fare in this game.


College Basketball

Conference USA Championship Game 11:30AM CBS
Who is going to be in this game? My guess is Louisville and Cincinnati. I was not a fan of Louisville earlier in the season, but Larry O'Bannon, Francisco Garcia, and Taquan Dean convinced me this team is for real.

American East Championship 11:30 ESPN
Will Vermont win the American East in Coppenwrath's last season? I sure hope so, as this guy is a huge force, and I would love to see him play against big time centers in the tourney.

Pac 10 Championship 6pm ESPN
I want Arizona and Washington to be in this game so bad it's not even funny. The last Arizona vs. Washington game, I paced in my room the entire game, only to have my Wildcats fall a few points short. I want revenge on the Huskies!!

Big East Championship 8pm ESPN
I predict that UConn will win the Big East championship. But I guess we will just have to wait and see....


College Basketball

Selection Show 6pm CBS
The time is here!! After months of waiting, teams find out if they have made the tourney!!


I will be in Florida the next two Sundays, so there will not be Viewers Guides for those weeks. All you need to know is watch the tournament on CBS!!!


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