Friday, February 18, 2005

G Mac, JamesOn and Savannah State doesn't win a game

Kyle Veltrop argues that with the game on the line, there is no player he would rather have take the shot than Gerry McNamara. I love G Mac, but I'll take my chances with Salim.

Savannah State has done what only one other team in the past 50 years has done, in losing all 28 of their games. Randy Hill has the story.

The player of the year in each conference is...

Looking forward to upsets in the tourney? Look no further than these teams

Arguably the best high school basketball player last year sold dope, got caught, and had his scholarship taken away by North Carolina. Now starting for Oklahoma State, JamesOn Curry is the type of diaper dandy that I love to see play. This article is a must read.

Top 10 games of the weekend according to Gregg Doyel

According to the poll I had on this blog a few days ago, 48% of you thought that the Texas Tech vs. Kansas game was the best game of the year so far. I agree with you.

Salim vs. Redick update from last night's games:

Salim 7 of 14 FG, and 4 of 6 on 3's, 22 points in the Wildcats 25 point win over the Ducks

Redick 7 of 16 FG, and 3 of 8 on 3's, 19 points in Duke's loss to Virginia Tech



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