Sunday, January 30, 2005

Viewing Guide for the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6

These are the games that I will be watching and following this week, and I suggest you to do.


San Antonio at Seattle 10pm
Two of the top teams in the western conference hookup to battle out west.

BYU at Utah 11:59pm ESPN
If your from Utah your allegiance is either to BYU or Utah as this is a huge rivalry that many people in the east are not aware of. When these games happen, records do not matter, as either team can win this game any given year.


Illinois at Michigan State 7pm ESPN
Dick Vitale has said a few times that he thinks if Illinois wins this game, they will run the table and be undefeated going into the conference championship.

Detroit at Washington 7pm
Weren't the Wizards the laughingstock of the NBA just a few years ago? If the playoffs were to start today the Wizards would be a #4 seed.


Cincinnati at Louisville 7pm ESPN
The battle for first place in Conference USA is up for grabs.

New Jersey at Boston 7pm FSN
These two teams looked as though a rivalry was forming a few years ago. Now, with both teams under .500 the game does not take on the same meaning as it did in 2001-2003. Even still, I hate the Nets and want the Celtics to pound them.

Duke at Wake Forest 9pm ESPN
Duke lost last year at Wake Forest. Can the Demon Deacons make it two years in a row over the Blue Devils?


N.C. State at North Carolina 7pm ESPN
Some analysts have said this game is a bigger rivalry than North Carolina at Duke. N.C. State is on the bubble right now, and needs a few big wins down the stretch to get in the tourney.

St. Mary's at Gonzaga 8:30pm
Quick: Who has more wins coming into this game? If you guessed St. Mary's, you are right. With St. Mary's playing so well and in first place in the West Coast Conference, this is a chance for the Zags to gain ground on St. Mary's.


Orlando at Boston 7:30pm FSN
Will the Celts get above .500 before the All Star Break on Feb. 20th? My guess is no.


Wisconsin at Minnesota 12pm ESPN
Dan Monson has the Golden Gophers playing well, but needs a few big wins like N.C. State in order to be a lock for the tourney.

Georgia Tech at Duke 1pm CBS
If B.J. Elder does not play in this game, I do not see any way that the Yellow Jackets can beat the Blue Devils.


New England vs. Philadelphia 6:30pm FOX
Can you spell "dynasty?" If the Pats wins this game, as I think they will, they will be the dynasty of the new century, just like the Cowboys of the 90's and the 49ers of the 80's.



At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have honestly never met anyone like you.
that is why you are the greatest.

- Lj


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