Monday, January 24, 2005

Viewing Guide for the Week of Jan 24-29

I thought I would provide a viewing guide of the upcoming games that I am looking forward to this week. At the top of my list is the Illinois vs. Wisconsin game Tuesday night, but there are plenty of other games this week that I am watching and that you should too.


Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma 9pm ESPN

This is a game between in state rivals and between two teams who have a combined 5 losses on the year. Oklahoma State lost 75-61 on Jan. 17 to Texas, while Oklahoma just beat Texas at home on Saturday by a score of 64-60. This game is going to be played in Oklahoma with the rematch being played again on Feb. 7 at Oklahoma State. If Oklahoma wins this game they will stay undefeated in conference as they are 4-0 right now. I did not think at the beginning of the season that Oklahoma would be this good, but Kelvin Samspon has done a great job with this team. This will be a great game.


Illinois vs. Wisconsin 9pm ESPN

The game of the week is the showdown in the Big Ten. Wisconsin has won 38 straight home games, while Illinois is 19-0. One of these streaks will end tonight. Illinois almost lost last week to Iowa but won in OT by 5. Wisconsin is one of the toughest places to play in all of college basketball, and I can imagine that kids are camping out right now to get tickets as you read this. What an excellent game to look forward to. For previews of this game, click here and here.


Maryland vs. Duke 9pm ESPN

Gary Williams the coach of Maryland has said that this years team for Duke has been Coach K's best coaching job. Duke is undefeated at 15-0 and I would venture to say that is a surprise for most college basketball fans. The last time these two teams played was in the ACC Tournament last March in the semifinals. Duke was up by 12 with 3 and a half minutes to go, when John Gilchrist took the game over and lead the Terps to an OT win. These two teams have such a great rivalry and tradition and I cannot wait to watch this game. Unfortunately, the game is at Cameron Indoor Stadium and I think Duke will go to 16-0. Not to worry Duke haters, as Duke plays Wake Forest, Georgia Tech and North Carolina all between Feb. 2-9. If they win all of those games, I will be STUNNED.

Boston College vs. Providence 7:30pm

Providence has really struggled so far this season. Ryan Gomes who was a first team All American last year and is scoring 20 points and grabbing 9 boards a game this year, but a team cannot win with one player. Providence is 0-4 in conference and has an overall record of 9-8. BC, like Duke will continue their unbeaten streak and make it 17 in a row.


Washington vs. Arizona 8:30pm FSN

Being a huge Arizona fan, this is a game I have been looking forward to since last year. Washington beat Arizona three times last year, which for Lute Olson has to be unacceptable. This is a chance for the Wildcats to get revenge. Arizona is coming off a week by beating Oregon and Oregon State on the road, while Washington only played one game last week beating Washington State. This game could not be more evenly matched. Both teams come in with a record of 6-1 in conference. Washington is 16-2 overall, with Arizona a step behind at 16-3. Salim Stoudamire has averaged 19 points, and hit 65% of his three pointers in his last ten games. Look for Salim to have another huge game if Arizona is to win.

Sacramento vs. San Antonio 9:30pm TNT

Right after my Wildcats beat the Huskies I will be flipping over to this game, which is the best game of the week in the NBA. Yesterday, San Antonio went into Sacramento and beat the Kings by 30. Arco Arena is one of the toughest places to play in the NBA, and to beat the Kings by 30 is remarkable. I hate the Spurs and I do like the Kings, but I will have to be satisfied with Arizona's win earlier in the night, because San Antonio will make it two straight vs. the Kings.


Phoenix vs. Boston 7:30 FSN

This game must be watched not because it will be a close game, but because it is one of the few chances to watch the most exciting team in the NBA. The Suns are an awesome team, and the style of basketball they play is great. Their starting lineup is arguably the best in the NBA with Steve Nash, Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudamire, Quentin Richardson and Shawn Marion. Unfortunately, the Suns do not have much of a bench, which forces the starting 5 to play most of the game. This could catch up with them later in the year. Another thing that this team has to stay away from is injuries. Steve Nash was recently out and the Suns lost all five games in which he did not play. That just shows how valuable he is to the team. He has to be the best free agent signing last summer. Look for the Celts to lose by 20.


Syracuse vs. Pitt 7pm ESPN

Syracuse has a record of 19-1 this year, and with the return of Billy Edelin look even more dangerous. Pitt just won their biggest game of the year on Saturday by going to Storrs and beating UConn. Pitt, like Wisconsin is almost unbeatable at home. I like Pitt in this game in another mini upset.

Also on the schedule for Saturday is Georgetown at BC. Georgetown beat Notre Dame on a buzzer beater yesterday and they are having a good year, and will be a decent test to the Eagles. I'm going to go out on a limb, and say the Hoyas will pull the huge upset.

There are plenty of more games that I am looking forward to this week, but these are the ones I am really looking forward to.



At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I know its during the season, but I know you are a college BBall fan. Just a drill here, wondering if you are interested in this challenge. I have the SI edition from a few months ago and they tried their best to name the 65 teams that would make the tourney. Im wondering if you have the time to make an attempt at that. And we can compare it when the March time gets around....



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