Sunday, January 02, 2005

NFL playoffs and BK Kim heading to Colorado??

The month of January is here. NFL playoffs begin, college football comes to a close :(, and college basketball teams get into their conference schedules. What an excellent month.

A few weeks ago when Carolina was 6-8, I predicted that they would win the Super Bowl. I was so confident that they would win their last two games of the season and end up at 8-8, get into the playoffs, win 3 playoff road games and take the 2005 Super Bowl trophy home to Carolina. Unfortunately, my prediction was wrong as Carolina lost today to the Saints 21-18, and Carolina ends the season at 7-9 after starting 1-7. Carolina was down 21-10 with 5 minutes left in the game, and scored a TD and 2 point conversion with a few minutes left, but they just ran out of time. The Panthers got the ball back with a minute left at their own 2 yard line and with no timeouts. I was extremely confident that Delhomme would lead the Panthers to a FG, that would lead to OT, and to a Panthers win and into the playoffs they would go. My dream came crashing down on me when the Saints blocked a 60 yard field goal that would have tied it and sent the game to OT. It's pretty sad when 2 NFL teams with 8-8 records make the playoffs (Vikings, and Rams). I just wish the Panthers were one of those 2 teams.

I'm not as excited about the NFL playoffs this coming weekend as I usual am. I think the main reason why I'm not excited is that there is only one real conference in the NFL and it is the AFC. Of the four games that are scheduled this week, the one I am most looking forward to is the Jets vs. Chargers on Saturday night. The Chargers completely reversed from last year going 12-4 this year after going 4-12 last year. Drew Brees had a magnificent year, and has Chargers fans wondering why the front office drafted Phillip Rivers in last years draft. The Jets had a season in which their was turmoil, but they had Curtis Martin who lead the NFL in rushing to guide them to a 10-6 record and into the playoffs. The game is in San Diego and I expect the San Diego fans to be pumped up and ready to be loud. As for the game, I expect
the Jets to win. They are a more experienced team with Pennington and Martin, and I think Herm Edwards will have that team ready to play big and shutup the NY media who has been on his and Pennington's case all year.

The Rams play the Seahawks in the first game of the doubleheader on Saturday. Being in the same division, the teams have already played twice this year. The Rams won both contests, coming from 17 points down early in the season in Seattle to beat the Seahawks. I think the Rams have the mental edge to this game, and they have just come off two big wins over the Jets and Eagles to get in. Rams will win this one too.

The Colts and the Broncos will play in the first game on Sunday. I expect the Colts to absolutely kill the Broncos in this game. The only reason the Colts lost to the Broncos today was that Peyton Manning only played one series and attempted 2 passes. This Sunday the game will be at the RCA Dome, and Peyton will be completing passes all around the field. The Colts should have no problem winning this game.

Vikings at Packers. Is this even a game? Should you waste 3+ hours of your life on this suppossedly called playoff game? The answer to both of those questions is NO. Minnesota looked horribly today, and lost to Chicago, and they slipped in the back door to the playoffs when some other teams lost. The Vikings lost to GB twice this year by the same score of 34-31. I do not expect this game to be that close. In fact the only close game of the weekend might be the Jets vs. Chargers game. The NFL playoffs are great, but many divisional weekends had better matchups than this one has.

As for BK Kim, there is a story in the Denver Post, that the Rockies might be interested in the submarine pitcher. According to the story, the Sox are willing to eat up to 80% of Kim's salary in return for a few mid level prospects. I think the Sox should try to get rid of him in almost any way that they can. I just do not think he will succeed in Boston, and I think a change of scenery might be best for both sides.

Check out this article on Terry Francona on Very interesting article.

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At 9:49 AM, Blogger Richard J. Pinkos said...


Good article. I think San Diego wins.

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