Sunday, December 19, 2004

Delgado would look awesome in a Sox uniform

There is a rumor about Carlos Delgado possibly coming to the Sox. Would that be a dream come true or what? Close your eyes, and imagine the 3,4, and 5 hitters of our lineup. Ortiz. Ramirez. Delgado. A middle of the lineup does not get much nastier than that. St. Louis has a great middle of the lineup, but I would take Ortiz, Ramirez, and Delgado over Pujols, Rolen and Edmonds. There is only one bad thing about this rumor: it has a very small chance of actually happening.

First of all, the Sox already have two first basemen in Kevin Millar and Doug Mientkiewicz. Kevin Millar has already come out and said that he told Theo that he does not want to split time with Mientkiewicz. So we know that Theo is at least going to trade of these guys. The question is can and will he trade both of these guys and make a strong push at Delgado? Millar and Mientkiewicz combine to make over 7 million in 2005. Delgado figures to get about 12 to 13 mil, which is exactly what Richie Sexson got from the Mariners. Delgado is 32, while Sexson is 29, so Delgado might wind up with a 3 year deal instead of the 4 year deal that Sexson got. Unless of course a bidding war starts, similar to the Pedro situation in which 3 years is what everybody thought he would get until the Mets came in and topped everyone's offer.

According to the Post article the Mets have already offered him a contract,
The Mets have already offered a three-year contract to Delgado that is believed to be in the $10-12 million per year range. Delgado's agent, David Sloane, told The Post he plans to be in contact with the Mets again "soon" but reserved all other comment."

As for the Sox, they first have to get rid of the two players they have holding down that position right now. The Post says they may already have a suitor for
Boston is the wild card team for Delgado. The Mets don't feel they can get Delgado wrapped up by Christmas because the Red Sox are clearing their deck for a run at the former Toronto slugger, a source said. Boston was mulling trades of first basemen Kevin Millar (to parts unknown) and Doug Mientkiewicz (to Baltimore)."

If the Sox can get rid of Millar and
Mientkiewicz, then the dream of seeing Delgado come to Boston would almost be complete. I mean, seriously what Red Sox fan wouldn't want a player who has averaged .283, 36 homers, and a .559 slugging percentage the past three years? I get excited just thinking about the possibility of him swinging at Fenway. For all the records the 2003 team set in offense, with the addition of a player like Delgado they might just rebreak all those records again. Here is what the proposed lineup would look like:

1. Johnny Damon
2. Mark Bellhorn
3. David Ortiz
4. Manny Ramirez
5. Carlos Delgado
6. Edgar Renteria
7. Trot Nixon
8. Bill Mueller
9. Doug Mirabelli or Jason Varitek (maybe)

If that lineup doesn't put fear into opposing pitchers I do not know what will. Although fans are allowed dream during the off-season (and I certainly due) I do not see this deal getting done. I just do not think Theo will be able to get rid of Millar and
Mientkiewicz. If he can get some teams to take those two players who will cost the Sox a combined 7 mil in 2005, Delgado would only be about 5 million more per season. For the production Delgado brings I would think it would be a no brainer. Unfortunately, proposing trades on a blog are not as easy as making them in real life. Theo has done things though that nobody saw coming. We got Curt Schilling last year and basically all we gave up was Casey Fossum and a few minor leagurers. If I have learned anything as a Sox fan, its never to doubt Theo and the things that he can do in terms of trades.



At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Theo We Trust


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