Thursday, December 16, 2004

Beltre signs with Mariners, Braves get Hudson and Clement rumors

Wow. What an awesome day in Major League Baseball. The hot shove is real hot right now, with rumors and signings happening very fast.

Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson have both signed with the Mariners. I think the Beltre deal is a good one, but I am much more skeptical about giving 50 million over 4 years to Sexson. Somewhere, Carlos Delgado is smiling.

Tim Hudson has just been dealt to the Braves for RHP Juan Cruz, LHP Dan Meyer and OF Charles Thomas. I like this deal for both teams. The Braves get a stud starter to put alongside Smoltz in the rotation. The A's meanwhile get two players with Major League experience and have a prospect on the cusp of being called up. The A's are deep with pitching with Rich Harden, and Joe Blanton (from the Moneyball draft). A quote from the ESPN article,

"One of our goals going into the offseason was to strengthen our pitching staff," Braves general manager John Schuerholz said. "We have certainly made a major improvement."

Hudson joins a team that has won 13 straight division titles.

The 29-year-old Hudson posted 81 wins from 2000-04, tied for the most in the AL over that span. He is 92-39 with a 3.30 ERA lifetime."

Matt Clement is a guy who I would love have pitching on the Red Sox. A rotation of Schilling, Clement, Wells, Arroyo, and Wakefield would be great. There are up to 7 teams pursuing Clement according this article on Rumors from the Sox side of things can be found at this article by Ian Browne on, Jeff Horrigan at the Boston Herald, and Gordon Edes of the Globe. A quote from Edes' article,

"They have an offer on the table for Matt Clement, who is expected to choose from among seven teams in the next 24 hours."

Let's hope that within the next 24 hours, Clement decides to come here. If he does, I would be extremely happy, and for my second Christmas in a row, Theo would be buying me a present. Last year Theo bought me and Red Sox Nation this present.




At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At this point the Red Sox shouldn't be worried about overpaying for Clement in my mind. They need him bad whatever the cost may be (as long as it is not Pedro money lol).

At 7:46 PM, Blogger matt said...

I agree to a certain extent with that comment. I think the Sox should set a limit of 3 years for 30 million with an team option for the 4th year. That is as high as I would go if i were Theo.


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I definitely agree that we should sign Clement, and next year we should go hard after Ben Sheets. It's a shame he's on such a bad team...he's so good. He's unbelievable, and only 26! I mean look at his stats...ERA 2.7, whip below 1, a decent amount of strike outs. He also had two of the top 10 best pitching performances of the year. I mean striking out 18 in one game--AMAZING.


At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sox should resign D. Lowe!!!!

you know who this is, peace

At 9:21 PM, Blogger matt said...

Yes I know who made the D Lowe comment. LOL.

I think if D Lowe accepts arbritration I am fine with him coming back for one more year at a price between 5-7 mil that the arbritar would decide. Giving D Lowe a contract for more than one year is VERY risky in my opinion.

V made a great comment. In fact I think it might have been the best comment ever made to this site, in its 6 day existence. LOL. Congratulations V.



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